San Diego Residents Save 13% On EVERY Order with Code NATIVE
San Diego Residents Save 13% On EVERY Order with Code NATIVE



Juice is an easy way of boosting your nutrient intake and introducing more vitamins and minerals into your diet.


By drinking your fruits and vegetables, the enzymes and other phytochemicals that would typically be destroyed while cooking, remain intact.


The micronutrients – vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and phytonutrients are preserved in much higher concentrations, giving you a very nutrient dense experience.

Juices and smoothies are like first cousins. They are both beneficial in they are made using raw produce as a foundation. The biggest difference is juices have the pulp removed, where smoothies do not.


Juices are a good option to deliver an electric boost of phytochemicals which are easy for your body to absorb.


Smoothies are more filling and have  high fiber content because they use the whole fruit or veggie. 

Juices do not cure illness, but they can contribute physically and psychologically to the process of self-healing. 


Each of our recipes have been created with specific, common health issues in mind.


Some juices are stronger tasting than others, so if you are just starting out, try the flavors that have higher fruit content, and then move on to other ones.

Fasting may be one of the oldest forms of healthcare there is. When sickness hits us, many of us do not feel like eating at all. We rest and conserve our energy to heal the body.


Eating, chewing, and digesting food takes 50 percent of our energy every day, so it makes sense that by not eating for a day or 3, we will have more energy for our body to repair and heal.


Detoxing through liquid fasting you use juices (and smoothies) that push the toxins out of the tissue and into the bloodstream, we can then excrete them from our body and achieve a lower toxic load.


There may be many benefits to detoxing including higher energy, weight loss, alertness, mental sharpness, better sleep, anti-aging, better transit time, and water retention among many others.

All Deep Rooted juices are printed with Best Buy Dates. Our bottles have an imprint of “Best if Used By MM/DD/YY” on the back of the bottle, underneath the label.


Our juice has an overall shelf-life of 21 days. 


Juices should always stay in a refrigerated environment until you’re ready to enjoy.
NO, if a bottle is bloated that means it may be spoiled. 


Deep Rooted does not accept returns, offer exchanges, and/or grant refunds on any goods sold unless the issue for return, exchange, and/or refund is the result of an error in our manufacturing, packaging, or handling of the goods.


We are not responsible for delays caused by one of our shipping partners due to weather, mechanical error, strikes, natural disaster, terrorism safety control, inaccurate shipping information, or mistakes on the part of our shipping partners’ employees.


Therefore, we are not able to offer refunds for those reasons.


However, if you believe that our shipping partners has mishandled your package please let us know, and we will gladly file a claim with FedEx on your behalf.

We DO have same day delivery available for most of San Diego including, Downtown, Eastlake, Mission Valley, Paradise Hills, Chula Vista, National City, Imperial Beach, and Spring Valley. 



Order must be received by 1PM. All orders received after 1PM will be delivered the following day (except Sundays).






We do our best to get every order out as quickly as possible. Once your order is processed for shipment you will receive an email including your Fedex tracking number.


Occasionally we experience a high volume of orders and it takes a little longer than expected to fulfill. We appreciate your patience during these times while we work as fast as possible.

If you are ordering to a San Diego based business or residence, we DO offer the ability to choose AM or PM delivery.








If you are unavailable for either of our delivery times, we can leave the juice at your doorstep or arrange to have it shipped via FedEx for an additional fee.

We are only servicing CALIFORNIA based residents at this time.


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA:  1-2 Day transit time, please allow (1-2 days for processing)


NORTHERN CALIFORNIA:  1-2 Day transit time, please allow (1-2 days for processing)

All juice shipments are packed in an insulated liner with ice packs to keep them cool during transit! All juices are sent 2-Day Express delivery to ensure quality and freshness.


There have been concerns about high sugar content in juices. The worry mostly comes from store-bought drinks that are meant to be amazing but contain added sugar, or are made from concentrates or syrups.


This can cause problems like weight gain, insulin intolerance, and, in some cases tooth decay.


However, it is true that some fruits (and vegetables) have high natural sugar content, so in our recipes we use plenty of low-sugar ingredients, such as kale, celery, and cucumber to balance.

We also use many fruits that have high soluble fiber content. Soluble fiber does not get removed during the juicing process, and it slows the absorption of any sugars into the bloodstream to help avoid a sugar spike.

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing, which is designed to keep our product safe. We HPP because it helps the product maintain the highest nutrient density and minimally impacts vitamins, antioxidants and nutrition. HPP takes a bottle of juice through a cold chamber of water and applies large pressure to it, high enough to inactivate potential harmful pathogens.

The sediment is a natural occurrence seen in the juices. We recommend shaking the juice in order to shake away separation!

All the nutrients are maintained in our juicing process. Nutrients will diminish over time but due to our short shelf life of our juices the nutrient content is maintained until consumed.


Our cleanse programs are designed for all healthy people; however, there are certain individuals who should not partake. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should not restrict your diet to liquids, as you need extra calories and nutrients throughout your day. We encourage you to consult with your healthcare professional to ensure if our juices are right for you.

The answer to this is variable. Your body knows what to do, so trust it. We try not to focus on weight loss, but we understand that it is important to a lot of people. When paired with a weight loss regimen juice can have tremendous effects and work as an accelerator.

Most of our juices are designed to help the body’s internal system work as well as it can to efficiently eliminate waste and toxins. Which usually starts with the gut.


When your gut is working poorly, it can impair your health and sense of well-being. The juices in this instance are aimed at healing and reinoculating the gut with good bacteria, while calming and soothing any associated pain or bloating.

The immune system works tirelesssly to protect us from the multitude of viruses and bacteria that threaten to spoil our good health.


A depleted immune system leaves the body vulnerable to illness.

Signs of an impaired immune system vary greatly, and can be indicated by repeat illness, inflammation, and general fatigue.


Some of our juices use ingredients that focus on complementing the body’s natural defenses–foods that possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, foods that are soothing or alkalizing, blood building and nourishing.






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